Maintenance Tips


The automatic transmission system is the most complex and advanced piece of engineering technology in the auto system and Honda gear transmission from gear to gear is one of the smoothest in the auto industry hence the sensitive nature of the it`s gear-box. It is recommended that you change your transmission fluid (ATF) ONCE EVERY YEAR or every 25,000 Kilometres covered. This is to prevent dirt from covering your Valve housing  & or your Hydraulic system thereby damaging the gear sets and pinions by reduced or halted fluid circulation.

You can also change the transmission fluid when there is change in colour or  odour of the fluid as this will indicate that your fluid cannot perform optimally as expected.

In Honda cars, the ATF-Z1 was initially formulated specifically  for Honda transmissions  was recently replaced by the more advanced Synthetic ATF-DW1 to give the Honda gear transmission better protection for maximum performance.